7.17.22 Are the UFO Floodgates Already Open?

by Dark Lord
Are the UFO Floodgates Already Open

As you may already know there is a bipartisan UFO related amendment to the 2023 NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act which has passed without debate. The changes to the NDAA will create more oversight in the system for better reporting; however, change within the government is never fast and if these changes are actually signed into law it will take some time for systems and procedures to be implemented. Yes, this is another big step in the reality of UFO disclosure but make no mistake, this is not a stampede. Unfortunately we must be diligent at every turn as those within the government/military have been thwarting UFO disclosure efforts for decades. Authors Brian Bender and Lawrence Ukenye break down the changes we can expect for Politico.com HERE.

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