8.16.21 The Five UFO Observables

by Dark Lord
The Five UFO Observables

Lue Elizondo is one of the people leading the march toward UFO disclosure. He was a former military intelligence officer, involved with the AATIP or Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program and for a short while attached to TTSA or To The Stars Academy, which has changed its business model and is not as involved with the UFO phenomenon as they were previously. One of the guides Mr. Elizondo used during his time at AATIP are known as the Five Observables. Those five observables are: 1) Anti-gravity Lift 2) Sudden and instantaneous acceleration 3) Hypersonic velocities without signatures 4) Low observability or cloaking 5) Trans-medium travel. Each of these observables deserves their own explanation and you can find more in this article for History.com written by Greg Daugherty and Missy Sullivan HERE.

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