9.11.21 When is Enough, Enough?

by Dark Lord
When is Enough Enough

This was shared with us by Christopher Mellon, if you are not sure who he is, a quick trip to Google may enlighten you. Anyway, the point is that when will there be enough military sightings, electronic data and government witnesses for theĀ  government to acknowledge that UFOs are likely extraterrestrial in nature. I mean really, this same old song and dance we get from the government is tired. Rather than uncover the likely cause of UFO sightings it is easier to point the finger at our adversaries such as China and Russia. Which, by the way, we all know damn well do possess the type of aerial capabilities displayed by UFO craft. It is time that the government/military come clean in a big way and stop giving us the finger. Author John Ege writing for Medium.com discusses this nonsensical position by the government and you can learn more about it HERE.

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