9.11.22 The Shifting of Ufology

by Dark Lord
The Shifting of Ufology

For quite some time now the Ufology has been a jungle. The subject was ripe with misdirection, ridicule, mockery and scorn, with the US military leading the way for decades. Debunkers spouted their cherry picked concepts while ignoring any data that didn’t coincide with their explanations and the jungle became more vicious. The public’s belief in UFOs appears to be shifting, however “attention whores” have materialized with outlandish claims, willing to say anything in their quest for that “attention,” cloaking the subject in confusion. Whether by design or by accident those involved in the Ufology have seen their members turning on each other and the site has been nauseating. One person we very much believe in, Lue Elizondo, has some very specific thoughts on this matter in an opinion piece for LiberationTimes.com, which is well worth the read and you can find it HERE.

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