9.16.21 When a Debunker Switches Sides

by Dark Lord
When a Debunker Switches Sides

Dr J. Allen Hynek was an astronomy professor, hired by the United States government to become their primary debunker. He was a very intelligent man who seemed to be corrupted by the United States government into becoming the tip of their spear for lying to the American public about UFOs. He was not a bad man however he found himself on the wrong side of history with regards to the UFO truth. One thing that separates this gentleman, is his realization that spewing this disinformation for the United States government was not how he wanted to be remembered and you can learn more from the incident which was the catalyst for him to change teams and become a UFO believer. This article was written by Jesse Peak, a MUFON Field Investigator in Pennsylvania, writing for UFOEncountersWorldwide.com, and you can find it HERE.

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