9.17.21 Life Altering UFO Abductions

by Dark Lord
Life Altering Abduction

When you research UFO abduction books on Amazon at any given time you will find any number of publications all relating to the “UFO Abduction” phenomenon. These people who are brave enough to come forward and tell their story are oftentimes never the same after their first abduction. You might say, life simply doesn’t look the same anymore. There are also reports of bits of metal being left behind in some victims. For more you can check into an interesting documentary called “Patient 17” that takes that experience a bit further. The story that follows is of a man named Steve Colbern, who claims to have experienced a life altering induction, eventually leaving his life in tatters and you can learn more in this article written by Anurag Roushan for RepublicWorld.com HERE.

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