9.17.22 Would Disclosing UFO Footage Damage National Security?

by Dark Lord
Would Disclosing UFO Footage Damage National Security

The United States Department of Defense has deployed a barrier of disinformation to discourage public interest in UFOs. Tactics such as ridicule, obfuscation, fear and even downright lying to the public and their representatives. However, historically a favorite weapon hs been to use threats in concert with menacing behavior to discourage UFO witness reporting. They prefer to sprinkle in “citizens could not handle the truth” and “damage to national security” as their clichés of choice, to avoid telling the truth to those that pay the taxes for the very employment. It seems as though every step toward UFO disclosure requires a half step back and three steps to the side before we can attempt another step forward. It has been widely reported that the Navy possesses at least two dozen UFO videos they are unwilling to share and you can learn more in this article written by Troy Farah for Salon.com, HERE.

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