9.19.21 Ray Stanford UFO Phony

by Dark Lord
Ray Stanford UFO Phony

With regards to UFOs, we prefer to believe the stories of UFO witnesses and experiencers. They were there, we were not, and we would like to believe they have no reason to lie to us. Sometimes though, that is not the case. Hoaxer and possibly nutcase Ray Stanford has been making wild UFO and alien claims for over 60 years and has yet to produce anything in the way of evidence and when caught red-handed lying, simply changes the story to a new lie. We find this behavior distasteful and it seems like a cry for attention in a foul way. This is the exact type of ‘attention whore’ attitude which distracts from true UFO investigation and disclosure using wild claims and far fetched stories. One thing we would say is, don’t be like Ray. You can learn more about this clown, HERE.

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