9.23.21 World UFO Headquarters

by Dark Lord
World UFO Headquarters

Each nation has its own way of handling UFO incidents. Some act like they never happened, while others. such as the United States, have worked feverishly to cover everything up and then lie and obfuscate the truth to the public. It’s what they’ve done for 70 years, it’s what they continue to do, and it is likely what they will do in the future. So at some point civilians must rise above secretive government agencies and do their own work, have their own meetings and formulate their own plans. While many people believe the United States should be that location because of the sheer volume of UFO reports within its borders, it appears that San Marino, Italy could very well become the new worldwide UFO headquarters and you can check out this article written by Tim McMillan writing for The Debrief HERE.

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