9.27.21 Alienstock 2 Years Later

by Dark Lord
Alienstock 2 Years Later

The Alienstock event, which was initiated through a Facebook member who had an idea to “Storm Area 51” with a tagline of “They Can’t Stop All Of US”. This single Facebook posting generated millions of shares and likes and a commitment by more than 3 million people to show up for the event. Preparations were made before a fight ensued between the event creator and sponsors dividing the event into three locations. The first location was in Rachel Nevada, the second location was about 90 miles down the road from there and the third location hosted by the event creator, who acted like a real jackass, happened in Las Vegas. None of the three events achieved any sort of real success and all lost money. 

UAP News chose the event in Rachel Nevada as it was the original location and expected to have the highest turnout. It likely did have the highest turnout however even those numbers would be considered a dismal failure. That area of Nevada is inhospitable to say the least, and really not a good location to have an event expected to draw millions of people as there simply were not the facilities to do so safely. For that reason, the police presence before and during the event was astounding. Everybody from local sheriffs to Highway Patrol’s and Park Rangers all visited the event at one time or another and we actually met with an undercover agent from the Department of Homeland Security that flew out from Washington DC to monitor the situation. This event was an opportunity to pull the UFO community together, but the location was awful and the theme of storming Area 51 was ludicrous. 

When the final numbers were crunched the claim was that 6,000 people participated in the event and if that is truly the case, approximately 5200 of them must’ve been at one of the other locations, because the Rachel event was a bust. People were breaking camp early to go home as the event completely fell apart. Looking back, we believe this event could have had long-term traction if they chose another location that was more hospitable to visitors and were better organized. UAP News, it just so happens, were the very first campers onsite/registered and we wanted to share just a few pictures with you of the event and maybe start a new conversation of the potential event which focuses on UFO and extraterrestrials rather than converting it into a last-minute music Festival. Post your thoughts on our Group Page HERE.

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