9.5.21 The Roswell of Australia

by Dark Lord
The Roswell of Australia

Roswell, New Mexico has a rich and storied history with UFOs. In 1947 the United States Army admitted to having a crashed flying saucer in their possession and then conveniently denied it the very next day. The world went wild and the legend was born. On Wednesday, April 6th, 1966, approximately 11 AM, 200 students and teachers witnessed a UFO descend into a grove of trees nearby. This sighting occurred near Westall High School and is known as the “Westall UFO” and that is not all, there were reports of five aircraft following the object. It reminds us of the ‘Ariel School UFO’ in Zimbabwe more than Roswell, but you can learn more in this article written by Ngan Giap writing for NewsNowLive24.com, HERE.


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