9.6.21 UFOs a Military Headache

by Dark Lord
UFOs a Military Headache

The United States military has a difficult job. Many countries believe it is the duty of the United States to police the world, however that is certainly not the case as we do not always police ourselves properly. The United States appears to be a nation in control and always at the ready however, but when it comes to UFOs, we are never in control and we have never been ready. This military complex is a juggernaut of might and money. We spend like there’s no tomorrow and act like our military can never be large enough. With that military mindset, engaging an unknown adversary such as a UFO, may not be given a second thought as we desire what they have, which is an aerial vehicle far surpassing anything ever made by humans. Author Nick Madrid writing for Medium.com has some very interesting thoughts on what is happening in the UFO world and you can check them out HERE.

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