9.7.21 The Man Behind the Tic Tac UFO Event

by Dark Lord
The Man Behind the Tic Tac UFO Event

In 2017 the subject of UFOs caught fire. The New York Times published what can be considered no less an earth shattering news that the Pentagon had been studying UFOs and that there was evidence of encounters. The program was financed by a 22 million-dollar black budget program which involved Lue Elizondo, who has since become something of a whistleblower. The most famous of the events was the 2004 USS Nimitz “Tic Tac” encounter which involved the now famous Cmdr. David Fravor. Kevin Day, on the other hand, remained in obscurity for many years until he stepped forward acknowledging that he was the Radar Operator and Air Intercept Controller during that event and you can learn more in this excellent article written by Ryan Sprague for Meduim.com, HERE.

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