9.7.21 Uri Geller UFO Connection

by Dark Lord
Uri Geller UFO Connection

In the 1980s the name Uri Geller was recognizable throughout the entire world. He exploded onto the scene with what appeared to be mind bending feats of psychic prowess. His detractors claimed he was an illusionist and magician therefore, there was no psychic ability believed to exist in his feats of high strangeness. At the age of three years old Mr. Geller reports to have come in contact with the UFO which shot him with a beam of light, thereby creating his psychic superpowers. We are unsure as to the true capabilities of this gentleman, however, when we find the story of someone being shot with a beam of light from a UFO we want to share it and you, and can find the rest of this story written by Vicki Verma for HowsAndWhys.com HERE.

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