September 25, 2020



To report UFO and UAP information:

Phone: 775-993.3392


Mail: UAP.News

P.O.Box 51194

Sparks, NV.



How do I read the content in foreign language feeds?

We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. Click on the heading link to take you to the actual website the story was retrieved from. Once there click the three dots on the upper right of Chrome and choose Translate from the drop down menu.

As a new member how do I access my profile page to see my wall, profile, etc?

The easy way to access your home page is, log into into your account, that will take you to the Activity page. Then click your account name in the top left (next to “Login”) and your very own page will open with your wall, profile options and much more.

How many countries do you actually cover?

We currently cover 14 countries in 10 languages. However to find the language of your choice visit the appropriate page under the “International” tab of the navigation menu.

How often is UAP News updated?

Our Global news feed on the right  side of the website updates daily as are videos on various pages, however the home page has updates videos every day.

Are you sure that all these videos legit?

No. We remove all videos the we deem blatantly fake, however the UAP.News mission is to report the news & videos to the public and each person can decide for themselves.

How do I upload media to my Wall?

The directions to upload to your wall are the same as uploading to the Activity page.

Once you are logged in as a Member you are directed to the Activity page. You will see a box that says “Whats New, (your name here)”? Above that area to the right of the icons are three dots, click the dots and choose which type of media you want to upload. A paperclip will appear under the “What’s New” box and you will click it to find the file you want to upload. Once the upload begins you will see a progress meter, then click the “Post” button and you are done.

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