Albert Lancashire

by Dark Lord

Before the crash at Roswell New Mexico became a big thing there was Albert Lancashire who was stationed at Newbiggin-on-sea, in Northumbria, UK. Mr. Lancashire was a guard at a radar site in September 1942. Standing guard can be a solitary job and when the young man felt the need to go outside and look in the sky, he followed his impulse. The man witnessed a brilliant light appear from this sea surrounded by a black fog. As the man was on guard duty, during the second world war, he was pretty sure this was a German weapon of some sort. The man attempted to sound the alarm when he was struck by a beam of light emanating from the cloud. Lancashire felt himself floating as a last remembrance before he awoke, crumpled on the ground. 21 years later Albert finally spoke of the event with the revelation he had been inside a UFO. By October 1967 as Britain experienced a wave of UFOs the man’s memory of the event returned as he claimed to have awoken aboard the UFO, had a strange encounter with a woman, and was returned to his post. When we remember that this happened five years before Roswell it must have made people really scratch their heads and look at poor Albert Lancashire sideways as he told his tale.

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