Alien Implants

by Dark Lord

Dr. Roger Leir was a podiatric surgeon in Southern California. As a doctor part of his job includes listening to the maladies of the patient. The good doctor had an unusual patient that claimed to have been abducted and believed there was a small object inserted into their body. After a bit of back-and-forth Dr. Lear decided to perform surgery to remove the implant. Not only did he perform the surgery but he removed the implant and sent it off for metallurgical evaluation. Surprisingly the sample came back as possibly something from a meteorite but definitely not from this earth. Another interesting aspect is that while in the body, the device produced radio waves, however, once it was removed from the body the radio waves ceased. Particularly disturbing was the fact that large bundles of nerves surrounding the implant were actually growing into it. Dr Leir went on to remove devices from 16 others before his passing. A documentary titled “Patient Seventeen” follows Dr. Lear through the process and is recommended by the UAP.New staff.

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