Aliens Give Farmer Three Pancakes

by Dark Lord
Aliens Give Farmer Four Pancakes

When it comes to UFO events there is no such thing as normality. Each sighting is unusual and unexpected. Case in point, Joseph Simonton was a 60-year-old poultry farmer living a quiet life. On April 16, 1961 Mr. Simonton was having breakfast when an unusual sound directed his attention out of the window where a silver disc hovered over his backyard. The craft was 4 meters high and 10 meters in diameter and when the farmer went outside for a closer look, three dark skinned humanoids appeared. The visitors were 5 feet tall and wearing some sort of tightfitting suit. Interestingly, the humanoids were apparently looking for water, which Simonton gathered and in return he was given pancakes. That’s right, pancakes. One note is that this story reports four pancakes however Jacques Vallee reported three pancakes when he investigated this event. This has always been a fascinating event and this comes by way of and you can find it HERE.

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