Anders Abduction 1974

by Dark Lord

In Sweden Anders is a pseudonym for a witness who has experienced an alien abduction. So on Saturday, 23 March 1974, a participant we shall call Anders had a life altering experience. After a couple of pints at the pub he decided to walk the 5 kilometers home on a starry moonlit night. He decided to take a shortcut over a hill and saw a bright light coming from the other side and he assumed it was a car. He moved to the side of the road and by the time he realized it was not a car it was a UFO passing very near his head. The man awoke to find himself in front of his house ringing his doorbell frantically with the wound on his forehead and a burnt cheek. Other witnesses reported lights on that evening. Interestingly a woman cyclist was riding nearby at that exact time and reported seeing a light in the sky shining a conical beam down into the forest, which is precisely where Anders event happened at precisely the same time.

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