Antonio Villas Boas

by Dark Lord

In 1957 23-year-old farmer Antonio Villas Boas was a young farmer riding a tractor tilling his fields on October 16. The young man noticed an extremely bright red star in the sky that began moving toward him. When the object neared the man could see three legs protruding from the craft as it landed in a nearby field. Terrified, Mr. Boas stomped on the gas flooding the tractors engine and causing it to die, in an effort to escape. He climbed off the equipment and attempted to run but was held by an EBE or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. The young man struggled to escape but became paralyzed as three more creatures approached. The beings took Mr. bolus by the feet and drug him into the craft. The man was stripped of his close and smeared with a jellylike substance. The frightened man was that moved to another room with strange letters over the doorway including shapes he memorized and was later able to write down. Soon time later a 5 foot tall, very beautiful woman entered the room. She had flowing white hair and angular face and eyes of a cat. Her naked body was lovely but held pubic and armpit hair that was bright red. Mr. Boas claims he became aroused and they had intercourse which he believes was the purpose of his abduction. In his statement, Mr. Boas said he believed the woman was relieved the sexual encounter was completed as he felt she was obligated to do it rather than inclined to do it. Apparently the female being gestured to the young man that she was now pregnant and would be conceiving his child. In conclusion of this event the beings gave him a tour of their craft and returned him to the field, where he lost four hours of time. Mr. Boas eventually became a lawyer, never recanted his story, and to this day remembers every detail without hypnosis. It’s the strange story of Antonio Villas Boas.

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