Aurora Texas 1897 UFO

by Dark Lord

The time was 1897, April 17 at 6 AM. The place was Aurora Texas and on this early morning townsfolk were astonished to see the sudden appearance of an airship. This was before planes so really few large objects had ever been seen in the skies, however on this day for the inhabitants of this small Texas town things were to be different. It has been speculated that the craft may have been experiencing difficulties as even though it was only moving at 10 miles an hour, it crashed into the windmill and water tower of the local judge, Judge Proctor. The sound was said to be a ‘Terrific Explosion’ as debris was scattered and the water tower and windmill downed. It said there was a body recovered thought to be the pilot of the craft and although it was mangled it was identified as certainly not human. The townsfolk not knowing exactly what to do believed it would be decent to give the pilot a standard burial with respects. We currently do not have any reports of pieces of that craft being kept by any of the locals. On a final note, the tombstone that was reported to be for the pilot was stolen and with that the location of the burial became unknown.

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