Baneasa Air Field Bucharest

by Dark Lord

Baneasa Air Field Bucharest, Romania had a radar station in 1967, and not everywhere did. On December 2nd a Romanian Lieut. Major was on duty at 9:30 PM when he witnessed an unusual craft hovering above the horizon. The object was conical in shape and produced a pulsating light. As the officer witnessed the object dropped to just above the ground then vertically to its original position then a little left, then little right, then did the whole thing again. Stunned, the good Lieut. Major called for colleagues to report to him, and within minutes over 20 people were witnessing the object. Two hours from the initial sighting the object finally disappeared to the north, and two days later a different Lieut. Major and several other witnesses observed an identical object at 4 o’clock in the morning. Finally within a week, on the morning of December 10 a psychologist from Bucharest witnessed a blueish green UFO with spiny protrusions floating across the sky at high altitude, clearly visible for 15 minutes.

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