Beton-Bazoches Sept. 5 1980

by Dark Lord

On September 5 of 1980 UFO was observed in the skies of Briard near the area of Beton-Bazoches, in France. The witness was driving 80 km an hour when they saw a glowing light 1 km ahead. Unsure of what the object was the vehicle slowed as the light emitted from the craft increased. The witness got out of his vehicle and could see a purple disc about 1 m in diameter emitting a light. The light began to pulse every three or four seconds as the craft was 200 meters above the forest. The sighting lasted several minutes and interestingly enough the witness claimed the craft emitted light on only one side. Sadly a short time after this witness discussed what he had seen he decided to stop talking about the event and decided to stay quiet ever since. That person was 52 in 1980 and had the initials of M.M.

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