Betty and Barney Hill

by Dark Lord

In rural New Hampshire the roads are generally quiet in the skies are very dark, and we look back at September 19, 1961 it would naturally be even darker as it was a simpler time. Betty and Barney Hill were driving home, after an evening out, on a quiet country road when they noticed they were being followed by a  bright light. They were eventually forced to stop the car when the bright light appeared on the road in front of them. After a short time they recall being on the road continuing the drive home. What concerned them was realizing they had lost two hours along the drive home. For months the couple had physical and emotional symptoms leading them eventually to a psychiatrist who was able to help them with hypnotic regression therapy. Under hypnosis the couple revealed that they had indeed been taken from their car and aboard an alien craft. Later Betty revealed the information they had given her regarding a ‘Star Map’ that was later deciphered in 3D modeling revealed that the beings were from Zeta Reticuli I & II.  The UFO was later confirmed by radar at the Pease Air Force Base. This is one of the most famous UFO abduction cases of all time, and there is much more to the story and we encourage you to delve deeper into this incident.

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