Brandon Fugal: Successful and Bad Ass

by Dark Lord
Brandon Fugal

The United States has a lot of wealthy people and within the worldview it is considered full of wealthy people. Many of them make their fortune without significantly impacting the human race in any way. Brandon Fugal is not one of those people. He is known throughout the commercial real estate circles in Utah as an absolute powerhouse. His success, however, goes beyond making deals,  piling money in the bank and purchasing exotic toys. He is a man that has directed his considerable assets at uncovering the true nature of the Skinwalker Ranch. It wasn’t enough to simply buy the ranch, but rather to continually invest in technology and science to publicly uncover the high strangeness that occurs there. It is the “Publicly Uncover” part that separates this man from others. He wants to know the truth and he wants you to know it too. Project Unity interviews this extraordinary fellow and you can check it out below.

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