Broad Haven UFO 1977

by Dark Lord

On February 4, 1977 Broad Haven Primary School in Pembrokeshire in the U.K. experienced something of a most unusual nature. Pupils throughout the day had reported to classmates and faculty that they had been witnessing flying saucers throughout the day. One student in particular, Dave Davies, went to the area the other children had seen the craft when school was finished for the day. Even as a child he was skeptical of what others were reporting. Davies got what he wanted, to see for himself. To his startled amazement a silver cigar shaped craft with a dome covering the middle third was sitting in front of him. The craft elevated and went behind some trees. The Principal of the school did not believe the wild stories and separated the children asking them to draw what they had seen. Some of the images are below. Lastly, two months later, another witness stepped forward. Rosa Granville managed the Haven Fort Hotel in nearby Little Haven and witnessed what she described as an “an upside-down saucer” and two “faceless humanoids” creatures with pointed heads.

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