Bruno Facchini

by Dark Lord

On April 24th in 1950, Bruno Facchini was working his factory job in Varese, Italy. The area was experiencing an intense thunderstorm that evening when the man stepped outside to check the building for damage. He spotted a circular craft hovering by the factory doors with what appeared to be a ramp to the ground. Adjacent to the craft were too small figures in what he thought were diving suits and masks, working on the craft. When the man realized what he was seeing was real he turned to run but was struck by a beam of light, knocking him to the ground. After a short time the two beings climbed back in their craft and flew away. The following day the event was investigated by local police where they found burn marks on the ground in a green metallic substance. A few days after the incident Facchini revealed purple and black bruises on his back with the beam had struck him. Unfortunately the man suffered psychological trauma for many years.

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