Captain Thomas F. Mantell

by Dark Lord

1948 Thomas Mantell was a captain in the Kentucky air National Guard. On January 9 of that year he was flying an 51 fighter alongside two other National Guard planes. The pilots had been scrambled in an attempt to intercept a large slow moving UFO that had been cited by Kentucky State police and agitated citizens. The planes spotted the UFO and attempted to engage but had to turn back due to lack of fuel or oxygen. Capt. Mantell however climbed beyond 30,000 feet in pursuit of the craft. Soon after the pilot lost consciousness and died at 3:18 PM upon impacting the earth. Interestingly Capt. Mantell’s last radio transmission was “My God, I see people in this thing!”. Another oddity was a farmer who claims to have witnessed the crash said the plane was held in a bright white light and actually only felt a short distance to the ground, which explained why there was almost no damage to a plane that had fallen 30,000 feet.

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