Close Encounter Scale

by Dark Lord

So most people have heard the term “Close Encounter” which can be interpreted any number of  ways, including a ‘brush with death,’ however if you are a UFO enthusiast it means UFOs and EBEs or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.  The scale of the world uses was created by Alan Hynek’s and goes like this: 

 Nocturnal Lights = You saw something while the sky was dark.

Daylight Disks = You saw something, not necessarily disks, while the sky was light.

Radar-Visual = radar is often used to confirm a witness siding however occasionally activity can only be seen on radar.

Close Encounters of the First Kind = Sighting within 500 feet. Visual clarity of object.

Close Encounters of the Second Kind = UFO event that includes physical traces or a physical effect, such as landing marks, damaged vegetation, battery drainage, radio interference and even paralysis.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind = UFO encounters that include among others Robots, Humanoids and EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity).  Bloecher subcategories to this category include:

A (Aboard): EBE observed in a craft

B (Both): EBE observed inside and outside of craft

C (Close): EBE observed near the craft but not seen entering or exiting

D (Direct): EBE witnessed without craft however UFO reported in area at corresponding time

E (Excluded): EBE witnessed without craft and no UFOs reported

F (Frequence): No EBE or UFO craft our witnessed however subject experiences “Intelligent Communication”

Close Encounters Extended Scale by Hynek and Jaques Vallee

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind = UFO encounter the results in human abduction

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind = Bilateral contact experience between humans and EBEs.

Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind = Encounter resulting in the death of an earth animal including humans. Often seen in cattle mutilations.

Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind = Human/Alien Hybrid being. Either physically or scientifically consummated

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