Danish Cop UFO

by Dark Lord

Evald Maarup was a solid citizen and Danish police officer in 1970. On August 13 his life would change as he had an encounter while on patrol in the Southern Jutland countryside of Denmark. Just before 11pm  the officer found his car surrounded in blue-and-white light simultaneously as the engine and electrical system were disabled. The man had to shield his eyes from the intense light as the shell of the vehicle became hot. After what seemed like an eternity the craft lifted vertically allowing the man to view the underside of it which he was only able to describe as ‘Large and Gray’. A beam of light in the shape of a cone stretched 5 meters from the bottom of the craft.  Moments later the light disappeared and so did the craft. Once gone, the officer was able to operate his car normally. Danish military initially tried to cover up the matter as a meteor or military aircraft however the facts did not fit the sighting.

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