Debunkers and Ostriches

by Dark Lord
9.29.21 Are You Ready for the UFO Truth

There is a certain species of human out there known as the ‘Debunker’. They ignore data, research and witness testimony then reach for obscure possibilities which they later claim as fact and ridicule those who do not follow along. These misinformed malcontents grasp at straws and when presented with hard evidence either go silent or try to lie their way out of the conversation with bluster and bravado. Skeptics on the other hand may not believe evidence when first presented, but will keep an open mind and their determinations are not prejudged. Skeptics are naturally an important part of sorting out what is real versus what is imaginary. Debunkers, ask the irrelevant questions, such as; if aliens are here why have they not landed on the White House lawn? Do you have a piece of UFO craft you can show me or why haven’t I seen one? We think of it like this, debunkers are reminiscent of ostriches, they are bold and full of attitude when they are asking questions, but when presented with evidence they stick their head in the sand, oftentimes making even more outlandish statements believing their head strong manner is evidence of their superior position. When it comes to explaining debunkers there may be nobody better than Stanton Friedman and you can find his opinion below along with a vintage clip of government debunkers exposed.

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