Elizabeth Klarer

by Dark Lord

The odd tale of Elizabeth Klarer began in 1917 at the age of seven when she saw her first flying saucer. 20 years later in 1937 it happened again, she claimed that she had seen another saucer, then on April 6, 1954, while visiting the house where she was born, she witnessed a saucer for the third time. In that event however, the craft was close enough for her to see the occupants within. The vehicle landed and the woman was taken aboard. The woman described her captor as a handsome person named Akon that whisked her to a mothership reportedly from Alpha Centauri, Akons home planet. The woman claims she was given a vegetarian meal while on board. Two months later the saucer returned and she took a picture of it above her farm, that picture combined with her story made her a celebrity of sorts in South Africa. Her story stretched even further to claim she had a son that was conceived as a direct result of contact with Akon. She went on to explain that her son could not live on earth but occasionally visits her. As we said at the start it’s an odd tale.

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