Eumemmering Creek Encounter

by Dark Lord

The Cahill’s were a couple headed for an evening with friends outside of Melbourne Australia on August 7, 1993. While on the road to their friends house the Cahill’s noticed a string of five or six large orange lights off in the distance that were distinct circular shapes. They continued on to their friends home for dinner and laughed off the event, however on the drive home they encountered the same lights hanging above the road this time. Mrs. Cahill claimed she could see that the lights on the craft were actually windows and in those windows stood figures which watched them briefly before exiting at hypersonic speed. A short time later the couple saw the lights again, however this time it was different. The couple traveled several hundred meters down the road without them knowing. In the following days the wife found a strange triangular wound on her abdomen and began experiencing stomach pains. She also claimed to be visited by tall figures with red glowing eyes concealed under black hoods. Mrs. Cahill underwent hypnotherapy and uncovered missing time. Apparently during this ’missing time the husband pulled the car over to get a closer look at the lights, another car up the road had also stopped to watch the lights, when the tall thin figure appeared in front of Mrs. Cahill. She claims she could hear the aliens’ thoughts of  “Let’s kill them’”. The woman claims that more beings appeared, striking them with an energy force that knocked them to the ground as the woman screamed “They’ve got no souls! They’re evil! They’re going to kill us!” Unfortunately that is the end of Mrs. Cahill’s recollection. Interesting, the other witnesses confirmed Mrs. Cahills story of being confronted by beings in dark hoods with red eyes.

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