Fiorentina vs Pistoiese

by Dark Lord
UFOs and Crowds

In Florence Italy there was a soccer rivalry that had built over decades. Fiorentina playing Pistoiese was a big event that excited the city. On this day, October 27, 1954, the game became secondary. 10,000 raucous fans filled the stadium and soccer chants filled the air. Shortly after the second half of the game had begun, multiple UFO objects settled in over the stadium. Interestingly, the ball rolled to a stop then lay on the playing field untouched as players and fans alike pointed, staring into the sky. Eventually the craft left and officials had no options but to call the game a tie. This is a profound case where 10,000 witnesses saw the same thing and they did not panic, they did not fear for the end of the world, they simply stood in amazement, dumbfounded. Their lives would never be the same again, and that’s the story of Fiorentina vs Pistoiese.

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