Foo Fighters

by Dark Lord

World War II was quite literally hell on earth. Savagery towards our fellow man was at a colossal high. So, if you were watching from the outside, such as a visitor from another world, it would be quite a spectacle to behold. For pilots in the second World War,  Foo Fighters also known as ‘Fireball Fighters,’ triggered a different type of fear, one of the unknown. These fiery light balls ranged one to 5 feet in diameter, and striking any one of them in midair would have meant disaster. Most of their activity was at night however on the occasion there were daylight sightings they were reported as metallic and seamless craft. Interestingly, the Foo Fighters escaped detection by the radar of the day, and eventually their sightings became so common they were ignored and never discussed. In those days if you spoke of UFOs you were considered a section 8 (crazy). Initially the United States military believed Germany or possibly Russia were behind the craft. However, it was later learned that they, as well as Japan and others were reporting the same incidents. We found a nice little 2 ½ minute video with more detail that we hope you enjoy!

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