Frank Mannor UFO

by Dark Lord

The Dexter Township in Washtenaw County of Michigan has only ever had one famous person, Frank Mannor. Mr. Manor became famous reluctantly and was an unwilling participant in a UFO event that he thought oftentimes wrecked his life. At 8:30 PM on March 20, 1966 several residents of the Quigley-Brand Road area, which sits very near the Mannor property, reported seeing an extremely bright object flying in the sky overhead. The witnesses claimed the craft had landed in the swamp area of the Mannor farm. Frank had already been watching the craft along with his 18-year-old son Ronald and had seen it land in the swamp. The men rushed to the swamp for a better view and came upon a brown disk shaped object with a “quilted’ skin. The craft was lighted on each edge pulsing from bluish green to a brilliant red . At one point the craft completely disappeared, reappearing 500 yards away only seconds later. As police responded to the call and approached the area of the craft with their flashlights the UFO went dark again. The men reported hearing what sounded like a rifle bullet ricochet, followed by the craft flying over them and disappearing into the sky. 

Only moments later a local patrolman, Robert Hunawill, saw what was believed to be the same object. This time the object sat over the patrol car at approximately 1000 feet which led to what appeared to be a sweep of the swamp, the craft combing the area for something. In an interesting twist, as the officer watched, the craft was approached by three more UFOs at which point they all left together. Another pair of officers, this time Sheriff’s Deputies Stanley McFadden and David Fitzpatrick, witnessed a craft reportedly “It was the size of a small house, kind of pushed down flat. It had red green lights on it and movements which could not possibly have been made by any aircraft I’d ever heard of.” Seconds later the craft was gone however the area had a rash of sightings weeks following.

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