June 24, 2021


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Who am us anyway?

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      Here we are, 2021 years of recorded history and who knows before that. And what of that history is BS? We’ve already proven that mankind fabricates stuff to sensationalize an otherwise boring story. In modern times we see people trying to rewrite history to suit their wants and needs, not unlike organized religion, it’s a human construct, made up to control the masses. We are self replicating droids that operate on electrical impulse. We absorb information and have to sift out the bullshit and sometimes we don’t do a good job at sifting, we just believe what we’re told as gospel and spread the word without doing research to support the claims. The ufo world is no different, like Bigfoot we trudge on with our speculations and making a business out of guessing. Some people who write about ufo’s, calling themselves “experts”, have never seen one, but who knows? We are rubberneckers, magnets of sensationalism and a lot of us will believe anything. Look at “Ancient Aliens”, they protect themselves by talking in questions which is brilliant. Some of their ideas are out there and I think they go overboard to throw meat to the zombies of gullibility, but it still throws it out there,,,,,,,what if? The question that goes through my mind, and that I question, is our creation and why. After reading about Zecharia Sitchin a few years ago, and his translation of Sumarian Text, It kind of solidified my belief that we have it all wrong. Since leaving the Catholic Church after my confirmation in 6th grade because of their inability to include women in the message, and their fear mongering I said sayonara. I have always believed that we are an experiment, a giant terrarium being monitored by you know who. Although there is no concrete proof for my belief, I see enough evidence to sway my thoughts. Hey, I’m open to anything with enough information. The core question to me is, why?, were we created to work the earth, or is there another motive? When I was in school, my philosophy professor’s first sentence was “Everything you know is Wrong”, I’m beginning to see that. We’re finding out that the human isn’t that intelligent.

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