How Fast Can We See

by Dark Lord

One thing we have here at UAP.News are videos of UFOs that are go unnoticed until the video has been slowed down. Oftentimes this occurs during the sighting of another craft, and upon slow-motion inspection one or more faster craft are seen within the video. So the question becomes, how many UFOs are flying around us every day that are going too fast for us to actually see. It’s an interesting question and although we are unlikely the first ones to ask, it still deserves an answer. So we dug up some information, and if the calculations are correct, at about 38,146 miles per hour items escape our vision. One caveat to this, is the distance you are from the object. We believe if the object is closer to you it may travel at a slower rate and still escape your vision. So if you were standing in a forest and something flew a couple of feet from your head at say 1000 miles per hour you’re not very likely to see it. However if it were miles up in the sky it would be visible much more easily. We share this with you as something to consider, maybe the skies are much busier than we understand and the craft smaller than we assume. If you are somebody who enjoys math, the website that provided the information can be found HERE.

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