UFO Elk Abduction

by Dark Lord

Forestry workers often perform their job in uninhabited areas. They typically work in small teams with other small teams not far away. The job is certainly dangerous and the days can be grueling. Just before noon on February 25, 1999, a small team of forestry workers was 20 miles west of Mount Saint Helens when they saw a boot heel shaped craft in the sky. The men did what all men would do, they hollered for other men to come over and verify what they were witnessing. All told, 14 men stood on a ridge line and watched the UFO move back and forth for more than five minutes. Previously the men had been watching a large herd of elk in the clearing below and now noticed that as the UFO came closer the elk became panicked, moving towards the forest line. Apparently the UFO, not much larger than the elk, was able to peel one of the elk away from the herd and followed it for a short time before lifting it off the ground. The men watched in stunned amazement as the full-grown elk appeared to dangle below the craft, seemingly causing the craft to wobble as it spun. The UFO appeared to brush the treetops before leaving the scene, apparently losing the elk as the body of a female was found a short time later in that location. All of the men were considered excellent employees and stand up citizens, and there was no report of mutilation of the dead elk.

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