Hudson Valley NY UFO

by Dark Lord

As we have reported many times UFOs come in many shapes and sizes. In the Hudson River Valley, which separates Connecticut and New York, there have been a string of sightings over the years. UFO history in this area was initially identified in 1983 and continues to this day. On March 23, 1983 startled witnesses claim to have seen a UFO larger than a football field float silently over their community. The craft was dark gray and shaped like a boomerang. The craft had rows of lights producing a multitude of colors. Eventually the craft was caught on videotape at which time it was being witnessed by thousands of people in five counties of the bordering states. Soon after the giant craft was reported hovering silently over Indian Point Nuclear Reactor. The event was witnessed by numerous police agencies, and for 15 minutes they anxiously watched the vessel hover over nuclear reactor number three. Witnesses at this location claimed the craft was the size of three football fields. The official Air Force explanation was that a group of young pilots were playing a trick on the witnesses. They would have been more credible saying they did not know what it was. Interestingly the sightings in this area over the years appear to be the same V-shaped craft.

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