Jellyfish UFOs

by Dark Lord

We have reported multiple times of sightings we refer to as Jellyfish. We know the term has been used in Asian countries for many years and it refers to an unknown object hanging in the sky with what appear to be lighted tentacles dangling from the main sometimes lighted body. In 1977 just such an occurrence happened in Petrozavodsk, Russia. On September 20th at 4am a giant star descended from the skies above the town. The object slowly traversed the city until settling into one area and spreading out above the hapless people, tentacles lighting up and beams scanning the earth. After about 12 minutes the lighted object slowly morphed into a red luminescent half circle and moved into the clouds, then toward the Finnish border 130 miles away. Interesting local astronomers and meteorologists that witnessed the event were unable to explain what they had seen. Apparently it was speculated this event was caused by a secret Russian spy satellite which is obviously ridiculous, another scientist claimed it was glowing smog. Sheesh!

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