Jim Penniston Rendlesham

by Dark Lord

If you are familiar with the Rendlesham Forest incident you may remember the name Jim Penniston. He was one of the original MPs at the base that was assigned to check out the December 26 UFO event. Mr. Penniston was so mesmerized by the craft, that not only did he approach it he actually reached out and touched it. At that moment the unsuspecting man began downloading information directly into his brain that he could not understand. He stayed in this trance-like state until sometime later when he was at home. Apparently he had been a receptacle of information that needed to be passed on, so when his unusual state he opened up his notebook and began writing, and writing, and writing. After 16 pages the unwitting man emerged from his trance and stared at his notebook quizzically. Page after page was filled with ones and zeros in no particular order just ones and zeros page after page. At that time, in the 1980s, binary code was rarely used and few people understood it. Jim Penniston was not one of those people, these ones and zeros had absolutely no meaning to him, so we put the book away. And there it sat for many many years until one day he decided to revisit the small notebook filled with ones and zeros. At that point binary was mainstream and although most people didn’t understand it they did understand that ones and zeros make computers go. It was at this time the notebook was analyzed by a programmer understanding binary code. The results were astonishing. They were actually longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates for six places on earth. So the message that could have been absolutely anything was revealed to six locations and maybe you’ve heard of them. 1. Caracol Belize, the home of an ancient Mayan archaeological site. 2. Sedona Arizona a highly spiritual place. 3. Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. 4. Nazca Lines in Peru that are only discernible from an aerial view. 5. Tai Shan Qu, one of China’s most sacred mountains. 6. Portara at Temple of Apollo in Naxo Greece is historically quite significant. We have all 16 pages of the Penniston notebook  along with drawings and a video so enjoy!

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