Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

by Dark Lord

Kentucky is known as the land of bourbon and horse racing, green grassy meadows and rolling hills. In 1955 near the towns of Kelly and Hopkinsville in Christian County an encounter took place. On August 21 the police station filled up with five adults and seven children, claiming they had been under attack by aliens for nearly four hours. Two of the men, Elmer Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor, claimed to have been in a gun battle with 12 to 15 small dark figures. The event was investigated by four city police, five state troopers, three deputy sheriffs and four military police from nearby Fort Campbell. The investigation yielded little except for a house riddled with bullet holes. The next morning the witnesses reportedly moved out of their house and claimed at 3:30 in the morning the creatures had returned. Some skeptics have claimed this event as a hoax however we find it extreme to shoot up the house you live in just to claim you had an alien encounter.

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