Kilometer 50 Chilean Patagonia

by Dark Lord

South America is a hotspot of UFO activity, of that there can be no denial. Some spots are hotter than others and one spot in particular is rather fascinating. Just outside the town of Punta Arenas, in the Patagonia region of Chile there was an anomaly. Known as Kilometre 50 the area has a startling reputation. It is believed that 60% of all extraterrestrial abductions in the country of Chile have occurred at that point. It’s a mind blowing number, and also fear inducing for the locals. 

One encounter is of a woman and her daughter passing kilometre 50 and noticed a truck behind them. Oddly the truck was surrounded by red light which finally dissipated as they reached their destination. The truck driver followed them to a stop and came up and knocked on their window to see if they were all right. According to him the clouds had parted and a rate of light struck the woman’s car and they both disappeared. After a few minutes the beam of light returned and so did the ladies. The problem is they lost one hour of time that they cannot account for.

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