Korean Hills UFO

by Dark Lord

In 1951 the United States was neck deep into the Korean War. Fighting was vicious and every day Americans were losing their lives. American soldiers were planning to bombard a village 60 miles north of Seoul when the unit saw something unusual floating across a mountain. A strange light was observed floating along the ridge and was initially assumed to be floating lanterns, similar to what you find in Asian celebrations. The light suddenly moved towards them and began emitting beams of light that could only be seen by the target. Artillery shells were launched, and as the explosions boomed, the witnesses could see the craft right in the middle of the action yet was undamaged. The UFO emitted such a powerful light that people actually had to look away to keep from burning their eyes. An ambitious soldier asked for permission to fire on the craft, which he received, but when his bullets struck the target it sounded as though they made impact but fell straight to the ground. The craft began moving erratically as if agitated, lights flashing, in what may have been an attempt to communicate. The men that were assaulted by the light rays experienced a burning tingling sensation over their entire body. The frightened men scrambled into their bunkers as the craft waited above. The terrified company were unsure if they were being hunted by this anomaly in the sky as they continued to seek cover. They evacuated the entire company three days later where the men were found to have dysentery and an extremely high white blood cell count similar to radiation poisoning. Initially it was believed that this may be the work of German or Russian technology however it was far too advanced to be of this earth at that time.

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