KSL 5 News Crew Visits Skinwalker

by Dark Lord
Were Skinwalkers Real?

We report on the Skinwalker ranch regularly. It is one of, if not the hottest places on the planet for UFOs and related paranormal events. So it is not uncommon for the owner of the ranch, Brandon Fugal, to receive requests from various people and organizations to visit the ranch. Unfortunately almost all of those requests must be denied because of the potential danger posed by entering the grounds. There is not only a long history of animal mutilations that have happened on the property but also near-death experiences for those that manage and investigate the phenomenon that occur there. So when a KSL 5  news crew went there for interviews, they received more than they bargained for when unexplainable events began occurring. We find everything that happens at the Skinwalker Ranch intriguing and this is no different so you should check it out for yourself HERE.

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