Kuwait’s First UFO

by Dark Lord

Surprising as it may sound the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait had never had a reported UFO sighting until 1978. We are unsure if they just didn’t have activity or there was no way for people to report things they may have seen? One thing for sure, they didn’t have cell phones to snap up great video and probably not many cameras either. In November 1978 the first encounter was recorded. At a drilling field in Umm Al-Aish in the northern part of the country, seven technicians employed at the facility witnessed a Tic Tac, complete with dome and flashing lights. The craft was larger than a 747 Jumbo Jet and when it silently landed, all pumps stopped working. After seven minutes of stunned silence the vessel lifted off silently leaving no marks and once gone the pumps returned to working as normal. Apparently all phone and radio communications between Kuwait and the outside world were also interrupted, causing great anxiety for communications officials. Was that Kuwait’s First UFO? Not likely, just the first one we have a recorded report of.

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