Lake Baikal UFOs

by Dark Lord

There is a freshwater lake in Russia that is not only the deepest on the planet but reportedly holds 20% of the world’s non-frozen freshwater. This area is a natural wonder and apparently an extraterrestrial wonder as well. There has been a history of UFOs and USO’s (Unidentified Submersible Objects) stretching centuries. Multiple sightings by military divers have been recorded in the giant lake, while numerous aerial sightings, including Saucers, Orbs and Cigar shapes have taken place. One such incident occurred on April 17, 1987, when 13 witnesses watched a 70 meter diameter disk with yellow portholes hover above them silently. Fortunately the event was witnessed by a local photographer who managed to capture two pictures which we have shared with you. Interestingly witnesses claim they stared at it for a long time however none of them could actually recollect how long, so there could be a question about missing time. Townsfolk reported seeing alien beings in glimmery suits and at other times reflective suits. Local residents will tell you this is an area with a lot of UFO and USO activity, and we encourage scientists to further research this area.

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