Linda Napolitano Abduction 1989

by Dark Lord

There are many stories of abductions, quite often they are chilling with lifelong impact felt by the abducted. Typically abductions happen in remote areas with few , if any, witnesses. This is not that. Linda Cortile was extracted from her 12th story Manhattan apartment, at 3a.m., on a light beam by two entities which were witnessed by dozens driving on both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. The witnesses included two Secret Service agents assigned to United Nations Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar. The reported craft was not only immense but its appearance coincided with all of the cars being disabled simultaneously. After removing the woman the craft dove into the East River. When Mrs. Cortile was returned, her husband and son were in a state of suspended consciousness until she awakened them. Apparently many witnesses to this event underwent hypnotic regression to recover memories of lost time.

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