Lonnie Zamora UFO Cop

by Dark Lord

New Mexico has a storied history of UFO activity and it’s not limited simply to Roswell. On April 24, 1964 in Socorro, New Mexico, Lonnie Zamora was chasing a speeder because he was a local cop and that’s what cops do. When around 5:45 that evening, as he pursued a speeder to the edge of town, he witnessed a flaming object shoot by him then heard a loud explosion. Ofc. Zamora made his way to the Arroyo where he believed he would find a crash of some sort but instead found a UFO in the gully with two small beings standing outside wearing white coveralls. He reported one of the beings seemed startled when they noticed him watching them. Their proportions seem correct for large children or small adults. The craft was oval and smooth with no rivets, windows or doors and resting on four legs. The shaken officer attempted to radio headquarters however the radio was dead. The witness claimed that the craft emitted a deep roar and rose screeching into the sky with a burst of flame that kicked up the dirt and scorched the vegetation before becoming silent and moving over the nearby mountains.

A few minutes later Sgt. Sam Chavez of the New Mexico State police arrived on scene but did not witness the craft. However he did see the still smoldering bushes nearby where the craft had touchdown. Special Agent Byrnes,  Deputy Sheriff James Lucky and Chaves examined the area and found burn marks, four V-shaped depressions where the legs had been and four tiny footprints. Officer Zamora later quit the Police Force to save the town from embarrassment, as he was ridiculed mercilessly by skeptics. Noted Skeptic and Jackass of the time, Philip Klass, suggested the officer made it up to increase local tourism. What a jerk.

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